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Note: You are purchasing from a collection. Since each bracelet is handcrafted, yours will be a unique surprise! 

For the safety and security of the people that create these beautiful bracelets, we have removed all personal information and will not disclose it. Rest assured, Bracelets For Africa are handmade by villagers and neighboring tribes that are in need and who directly benefit from your purchase. To share our story, we’re sharing theirs in the anonymous quotes below.


Upon his first visit to Africa, WeatherTech founder David MacNeil immediately forged deep and meaningful relationships with the local communities and wonderful people. Tourism has driven the economy in Africa for decades, and sadly, the 2020 global pandemic has prevented travelers from visiting.


“David is a good-hearted man who has created a new way of helping my family and relatives earn money and survive.”


To help, David reached out to one of his close contacts with a brilliant plan: if they continue to handcraft the stunning jewelry they sold to thousands of tourists each year, he would import them for sale in the USA and keep their key source of income secure.


“Our livelihoods depend on selling copper bracelets to international tourists, but no tourists have visited this year… David is giving us hope again!”


Today, you can purchase these one-of-a-kind bracelets for just $10, which can provide as many as 10 meals to struggling African families!


“We villagers live in large families of eight to thirteen people, and only have $1 per day to feed everyone. David is saving us!”


So please join us in celebrating the unique charm of Africa, while also supporting its people who are struggling to survive.

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